Odds and Ends

Odds And Ends From the Week that Was

ARGENT of the Week– Robert Kraft
We all know the story about Devon Still and his daughter by now, especially if you have read this blog. The Bengals played in New England on Sunday night. Midway through the 2nd quarter, the Patriots showed a tribute video to Still and his daughter Leah. At the end it showed the Patriots cheerleaders wearing Still jerseys in which each jersey bought, all proceeds go to Pediatric Cancer. Kraft and the Patriots also donated $25K to the cause. Class organization

Other Feel Good Stories and guys who get it:
Marcus Mariota

Dak Prescott

Utah Jazz

Will NEVER be an ARGENT- Golden Tate and Jim Schwartz

Word surfaced that Jim Schwartz asked to be carried off the field if the Bills were able to beat his former team. This is a joke. Schwartz went 29-51 as the Lions coach. There was a reason you were fired…YOU SUCK!!! Golden Tate’s comment to the situation was that it was a total douche move especially since it was planned and that its nice that he got his Rudy moment. Hey Golden Tate, you don’t want to see this douche move… maybe make a play and win the game!!! Both of you get out of my face

Other Nonsense:
University of Alabama

Geno Smith
Geno claims he missed a meeting Saturday before the Jets lost 31-0 to the Chargers. The reason he missed the meeting he couldn’t get the time zone change straight!!! Details surfaced that he went to the movies Saturday. I guess he was able to figure that time change out. This is why hes a joke and why he cant lead a team. Anyone ever hear of Manning or Brady or Luck missing a meeting??

Jeff and Cristina Lurie- Eagles owners
The Eagles have been forced to wear all white jerseys this year because Nike hasn’t been able to match the green jersey with the green in the helmet. This jersey is a custom color created by Cristina Lure, ex wife of Jeff. She created this color because she hated the Kelly green. That’s blasphemy in itself. But Jeff needs to go for allowing his wife this much control, and now his separated wife.

Florida State
FSU just released a statement on the Jameis Winston investigation and the reason for the delay and explanation of timeline. I am not going to embarrass myself or my fingers to type, nor am I going to embarrass you by making you read it on this blog. It would have been better if they would have just said “we didn’t investigate because we were competing for a national championship and had no reason to interview the victim because we were to busy counting the money we were making” FSU is an embarrassment to universities everywhere. Go Syracuse!!

Quick Thought:
My fantasy football team is currently 1-4. Mostly because of injuries not because my draft was atrocious. Nonetheless, I am working the phones and trying to make deals. Every one of my guys is on the trade block. I hate them all and I don’t want any of them on my roster by the end of the year. I decided to put them on the block yesterday. I am having so much more fun trying to make deals. I am more interested in trying to make trades. I am playing guys against one another. Screw the actual fantasy game, its all about the hot stove. I can guarantee I wont this league but will guarantee I wont lose a deal.

What to Watch
-MLB Championship Series begin tonight and continue throughout the weekend. My predictions went 1-3 in the division series. So fans of these teams be wary of this…..
Royals vs Orioles- Orioles in 6
Giants vs Cardinals- Cardinals in 7

-Barclay Premier League
Off this week

-NHL has begun

-PGA- Frys Open- who cares

Picture of the week:
JT Snow saving Dusty Baker’s son in a playoff game.


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