Football Friday NFL Preview

Week 6 NFL Preview
Last Week Straight Up Predictions 10-3 45-24 on the year
Last week Against the Spread 6-7 40-29 on the year

Broncos @ Jets 100 CBS
Broncos -10 Over/Under 47.5
My prediction
Broncos 27 Jets 13
Lean Jets +10
What Will Happen
This will be an ugly game at times unwatchable. Denver will be uninterested and coming west to east will be a bit sluggish. But its all good because they are playing the Jets. Hopefully Geno Smith has is alarm set to get to the stadium on time.

Steelers @ Browns 100 CBS
Browns -1.5 Over/Under 47
My Prediction
Browns 23 Steelers 21
Lean Browns -1.5
What Will Happen
The Wagon delivered last week. That was a typical Wagon game down 28-3 to come back and win. The Wagon like thing to do would be to have a let down this week and have the Harry Saxton disciples crushed. But this Wagon team has a real coach now. Even when they are down, they still pound the ball. They will smash the Steelers in the mouth and when the Steelers creep up Hoyer will go over the top and beat a below average Steeler secondary. The Saxton disciples rejoice and all the Steeler starter jackets file out of Whiskey Business with frowns.

Jaguars @ Titans 100 CBS
Titans -6 Over/Under 44
My prediction
Titans 20 Jaguars 17
Lean Jags +6
What Will Happen
I am riding the Jags until they cover. I thought they had it last weekend but a turnover went to the house to ruin the cover. This game shouldn’t be on tv anywhere. Although Blake Bortles progress is worth watching.

Bears @ Falcons 100 FOX
Falcons -3 Over/Under 53.5
My prediction
Falcons 31 Bears 27
Lean Falcons -3
What Will Happen
I think the better team is getting points. I have gone back and forth about this game. I just think the Falcons are a way different team on there turf. Both offenses will make plays but Matt Ryan will make more.

Packers @ Dolphins 100 FOX
Packers -3 Over/Under 48.5
My Prediction
Packers 24 Dolphins 23
Lean Dolphins +3
What Will Happen
I think this is a good spot for the Dolphins coming off a bye facing a team who just put up 42 on national TV. The Packers are traveling into the heat and humidity in Miami to face Joe Philbin who is familiar with the Packers. I would not be surprised to see the Phins pull the upset.

Lions @ Vikings 100 FOX
Lions -1.5 Over/Under 44
My Prediction
Vikings 23 Lions 16
Lean Vikings +1.5
What Will Happen
Very difficult spot for the Lions without Calvin Johnson. I expect Matt Stafford will try and do to much and turn it over. The Vikings are coming off an embarrassing defeat to the Packers and will be ready to go against a Lions team who struggles away from home.

Panthers @ Bengals 100 FOX
Bengals -7 Over/Under 43.5
My Prediction
Bengals 26 Panthers 16
Lean Bengals -7
What Will Happen
The Bengals are a very good home team and get to go back home after being trashed Sunday night by the Pats. They will be without AJ Green. I think Carolina has gotten so lucky so far this year. This game will not be as close as the score indicates.

Ravens @ Buccaneers 100 CBS
Ravens -3 Over/Under 43.5
My Prediction
Ravens 23 Bucs 17
Lean Ravens -3
What Will Happen
I think the Ravens will be a little flat and sluggish but it wont matter playing this Bucs team. The Ravens will do just enough to get by in Tampa.

Patriots @ Bills 100 CBS
Pats -3 Over/Under 45
My Prediction
Bills 24 Pats 21
Lean Bills +3
What Will Happen
The Patriots are coming off an impressive showing on Sunday night to get things headed back in the right direction. The tight ends are key to them winning this week. However, I still don’t think the wide receivers are good enough. I think the Bills have steadied the ship going to Kyle Orton. He again will limit the mistakes and the Bills will get a huge division win.

Chargers @ Raiders 400 CBS
Chargers -7 Over/Under 43
My Prediction
Chargers 20 Raiders 16
Lean Raiders +7
What Will Happen
The Chargers will be flat early and traditionally have a tough time in Oakland. This week will be similar. They will do enough to win but not cover.

Cowboys @ Seahawks 400 FOX
Seahawks -8 Over/Under 47
My Prediction
Seahawks 31 Cowboys 17
Lean Seahawks -8
What Will Happen
The Seahawks will make the Cowboys one dimensional or Jason Garrett will abandon the run. Either way the game is going to be put on Tony Romo which is a recipe for disaster. The Cowboys strength this year has been the oline. That will be somewhat negated going in front of the 12th man. The Seahawks are dynamite at home and I will ride it until proven otherwise.

Bravehearts @ Cardinals 400 FOX
Cards -3.5
My Prediction
Cards 24 Hearts 19
Lean Cards -3.5
What Will Happen
I don’t know who the qb will be for Arizona. But I like their defense and I like the spot as Washington goes west coast after a hard fought Monday Night game vs Seattle. Teams typically don’t cover the week after playing Seattle. I will ride the trend, the home team, and the defense.

Giants @ Eagles 830 NBC
Eagles -3 Over/Under 50.5
My Prediction
Eagles 31 Giants 30
Lean Giants +3
What Will Happen
I have gone back and forth all week on this game. I have no feel for it what so ever. No outcome will surprise me after what has been shown the first 5 weeks by both squads.

49ers @ Rams 830 ESPN
49ers -3.5 Over/Under 43.5
My Prediction
49ers 27 Rams 22
Lean 49ers -3.5
What Will Happen
San Francisco is physical and can run the ball. The Rams have struggled against the run thus far. That is enough for me to take the better team.


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