Football Friday College Preview

Week 7 College Preview:
Straight Up Predictions: 31-10
Against the Spread Predictions- 18-22-1

It is going to be tough to follow up last Saturday’s display of craziness. With the schedule on tap, it has the potential to approach…..

Texas vs Oklahoma 12:00 ABC
Oklahoma -14.5 Over/Under 47
My Prediction
Oklahoma 29 Texas 19
Lean Texas +14.5
What Will Happen:
I remember a time when the world used to stop for the Red River Shootout. Texas is in rebuild mode after Mack Brown left the program as a dumpster fire. They have struggled on offense all year and I don’t see how it turns around. The defense has done a good job in the big games it has played. Oklahoma is coming off a loss to TCU last week, you’re typical Bob Stoops type loss. OU is more balanced than Texas and needs this game to stay alive in the playoff picture. This game will be a lot uglier than previous Red River battles. There is always a kick/punt return or int/fumble return, or safeties- expect that again. Texas will play well early but OU has to much more than Texas.

Georgia @ Missouri 1200 CBS
Georgia -3 Over/Under 60
My prediction
Missouri 27 Georgia 20
Lean Mizzou +3
What Will Happen:
Well the NCAA has struck again. Word came down last night that Todd Gurley will be suspended and is under investigation for selling his likeness. If the NCAA followed the precedent it has set, he would be suspended for a quarter or half just like John Football was last year. But since they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, he wont get the same punishment. In this day, it pays to rape or set up fake classes- just ask Jameis or North Carolina. It will cast a bad light but at least you’re playing on Saturdays. The job has become a lot tougher for UGA to go to Missouri and win. They will be leaning on an inexperienced qb to do so. I think the task is to tall and Mizzou makes it 2 in a row over UGA.

Auburn @ Mississippi St 330 CBS
Auburn -3 Over/Under 63
My Prediction
Auburn 34 Miss St 30
Lean Auburn -3
What Will Happen:
This may be the game of the year in the SEC West. Miss St is coming off a dismantling of the Aggies while their opponents much like Miss St took care of LSU rather easily. This sets up a showdown in Starkville. Miss St has the blue print to beat the Tigers if they follow the way Kansas St played them. Miss St may be a better version of Kansas St. However, A&M made some mistakes last week and receivers had key drops in crucial times to help the Bulldogs jump way out in front. Auburn wont do that. This will be back and forth throughout and I am taking Gus Malzahn and the Auburn attack to get the job done.

TCU @ Baylor 3:30 ESPN 2
Baylor -8 Over/Under 66
My prediction
Baylor 30 TCU 24
Lean TCU +8
What Will Happen
This is a tough spot for TCU after taking down the Sooners last week. They now go on the road to face Baylor for the biggest home game in their history maybe. How good is Baylor? Well we find out this week after the layups they have had thus far. Bryce Petty struggled last week against the Longhorn defense completing 7 of 22. This week he gets a much better Horned Frog defense. This game has been tight the past couple years and I expect another close one. I think its tough for TCU to match the intensity after last week and they fall short.

Oregon @ UCLA 3:30 FOX
Oregon -2.5 Over/Under 69
My prediction
UCLA 37 Oregon 34
Lean UCLA +2.5
What Will Happen:
This was billed as the biggest Pac12 game this year. It has lost some steam with both teams losing last week. This will go a long way in determining the Pac 12 conference race. Both teams have taken similar roads and look eerily similar. Both teams have struggled mightily with their offensive lines. Both quarterbacks have shown flashes of the preseason hype and other times they have struggled. Both defenses have shown flashes or have been invisible. Despite that, it should still be an entertaining game. Its still Hundley vs Mariota and UCLA vs Oregon. The team that wins will be the team that has the offensive line that plays the best. I believe that will be the home team.

Ole Miss @ Texas A&M 9:00 ESPN
Texas A&M -2 Over/Under 63
My prediction
Texas A&M 37 Ole Miss 27
Lean Texas A&M -2
What Will Happen:
Take down Alabama and your prize is a ticket to Texas A&M. That is what Ole Miss will be faced with. How will they respond to the biggest victory for the program in years. It all comes down to Bo Wallace. Last week he took care of the ball. What will we get this week? For the Aggies, the receivers dropped way to many balls against Miss St. That cant happen or the result will be similar. I expect Kenny Hill and the Aggie offense to be sharp and Bo Wallace will make a couple mistakes.


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