NCAA Recap

The statement I made in the preview on Friday was…
Its been a long time since we have had a weekend of college football as good as this. Six games between two ranked teams! Should be a wild Saturday. Perfect timing for a day like this with the leaves changing and the fall air.

And what a weekend it was. College Football Saturday may have been the wildest Saturday I can ever remember. If there was anything you ever wanted to see… it happened.

Lots of thoughts this week….

My top 10: (This is my opinion based on what I have seen with my own eyes. Not some nonsense ranking system currently employed. Arizona showed up at #10 this week in the AP Poll. No one on this green earth can convince me they are better than Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia who are 11, 12, 13 respectively. Heck, they might not be better than Marshall who received votes for the top 25.) So to the top ten…..

1.) Auburn
2.) Mississippi St
3.) Ole Miss
4.) Texas A&M
5.) Oklahoma
6.) Alabama
7.) Florida St
8.) Oregon
9.) Michigan St
10.) Notre Dame

Random Overreaction Thoughts after a wild weekend:
-Alabama has struggled against quality teams lately. They haven’t been able to play there style of lining up and smashing you in the mouth. They have an average secondary and no dominant pass rusher. And their special teams is below average

-Ole Miss defense way better than I expected.

-Dak Prescott is my Heisman favorite at this point in the season

-TCU offense better than I expected. They had more first downs and total offense than Oklahoma

-UCLA was dominated by Utah. UCLA is going to be inconsistent for rest of year. They are closer to the team we saw the first 3 weeks. Hundley was sacked 10 times

-Arizona ranked #10 is a joke. This is exactly why I will always have a hard time taking college football as serious as it should be. This is the #10 team in the country hosting USC this week who has lost to Boston College and Arizona St. USC is the favorite. When was the last time a top 10 team was an underdog at home to an unranked team!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

-I put Notre Dame at 10 in my rankings this week. However going by the AP poll they are ranked 6. Teams ranked below them from 7-15: Alabama, Michigan St, TCU, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Ohio St. Take Arizona out as that’s a joke addressed above. On a neutral field, are they favored against anyone other than TCU. Please stop with Golson Heisman talk.

-Say what you want about Jadeveon Clowney. I thought he may have been overhyped and maybe a little lazy. But, the Cocks defense is giving up an average of 35 points per game compared to 19 last year. They gave up 251 all of last year. They have already given up 210 through 6 weeks. They lost 4 total guys on the defensive side from last year, so I understand its not all Clowney but he made a difference.

-Lastly, Auburn to me is head and shoulders the best team in the country. This the Tigers schedule:
Arkansas, San Jose St, @#20 Kansas St, Louisiana Tech, #15LSU, @#3 Miss St, South Carolina, @ #4 Ole Miss, #14 Texas A&M, @ #13 Georgia, Samford, @ #7 Alabama.
Send me the schedule of any other team that has something that looks like that. Give me 4 SEC teams for the playoff and call it a year.

Now that my blood pressure is up, to the games

Texas A&M @ Mississippi State 12:00 ESPN
Miss St -2 Over/Under 68
My Prediction
Texas A&M 34 Miss St 31
Lean A&M +2
What Really Happened
Miss St 48- 31
We said it was going to be a great game if you like quarterback play. Kenny Hill for the Aggies threw for 365 and 4 touchdowns but was intercepted 3 times. Dak Prescott accounted for 345 yards and 5 touchdowns. Miss St gets rewarded by hosting Auburn this week

Alabama @ Ole Miss 3:30 CBS
Alabama -6.5 Over/Under 51
My Prediction
Alabama 34 Ole Miss 22
Lean Bama -6.5
What Really Happened
Ole Miss 23-17
Ole Miss defense kept Alabama in check all day. We thought the Rebels would have success on the Bama secondary and the Tide’s secondary was exposed. Bo Wallace made plays with his arm and for how turnover prone he has been his career he protected the ball. We thought that was going to be the difference but it was Saban’s squad who made the costly turnovers

Oklahoma @ TCU 3:30 FOX
Oklahoma -5 Over/Under 56.5
My Prediction
Oklahoma 24 TCU 19
Lean under 56.5
What really happened
TCU 37-33
We said in the preview 4 of 5 had been decided by touchdown or less. This was no different. We didn’t think the Frogs would get enough offense to pull the upset but they outgained and had more first downs than the Sooners.

Stanford @ Notre Dame 3:30 NBC
Stanford -2 Over/Under 44.5
My prediction
Notre Dame 23 Stanford 21
Lean ND +2
What Really Happened
ND 17-14
If these teams played 10 times, the games would all look the same. Hats off to ND, to putting a drive together when they needed it.

LSU @ Auburn 7:00 ESPN
Auburn -8 Over/Under 56
My prediction
Auburn 31 LSU 20
Lean Auburn -8
What Really Happened
Auburn 41-7
Complete domination by the best team in college football

Nebraska @ Michigan St 8:00 ABC
Mich St -7 Over/Under 59.5
My prediction
Michigan St 31 Nebraska 17
Lean Sparty -7
What Really Happened
Mich St 27-22
Sparty jumped out to a 27-3 lead and had to hold on. The second half defense is worrisome. They cost them the game at Oregon and almost blew this one.


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