Odds and Ends…..

Odds and ends from the week that was…..

ARGENT of the week- John and Walter Wegman
These guys are the founders of Wegmans. What a fantastic supermarket they have created. Its a fantastic supermarket year round, but what a supermarket it is this time of the year here in the northeast, especially for you single guys. Its like a yoga pants convention

They have great apples at Wegmans, honeycrisps are especially delicious

Never will be an ARGENT- St Louis Cardinals fans
Please stop with your baseball heaven nonsense. Your fans are the same as everywhere else. You still have your 5-10% that are knuckleheads. At least other teams fans know they have some clowns but don’t try to hide it. St Louis has the elitist attitude and have to tell you about it. Let me set this straight for you…. If you have to tell me that you are, then you’re not. And secondly, you’re from St Louis, that place is a dump. You couldn’t pay me enough to live there. If you need further proof check at twitter @BestFansStLouis
Gooooooo Dodgers!!!!!

-Bomani Jones, Jay Bilas, and other media complaining about these football players not being paid and their life being so difficult SHUT the F&%K up!! Ask any NFL pro if they regret playing football as they count the wads of cash in their wallet. Ask some of these kids who have come from broken homes if football has given them a way out. They know what they are signing up for when they play football and as said earlier none of them would trade it to do anything else if they could do it again. It just so happens that there is lawsuits and everybody is lining up on the gravy train to get paid again. But you 2 and the rest of your cronies shut up, embarrassment to media every where

Reading for the week
Sixers were embarrassing in this to….. but what a great game

Video of the week…..

Barclays Premier League recommendations:
Sunday- Manchester United vs Everton 7:00AM
Chelsea vs Arsenal 9:00AM

No golf this weekend thankfully. I don’t want to see the whiny, excuse making, no heart American golfers for a while.

Baseball Playoffs all weekend! and playoff baseball is fantastic

Photo of the Week
For the Royals fans and seeing their team in the playoffs for the first time since 1985…….


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