Football Friday NFL

35-21 Straight Up Prediction on year
34-22 Leans on the year

Week 5 Preview….

Chicago @ Carolina 1:00 FOX
Panthers -2.5 Over/Under 45.5
My prediction
Bears 27 Panthers 17
Lean Bears +2
What will happen
The better team is the underdog. The Panthers are overvalued still. The defense is not as good as it was last year. Cam Newton does not have the weapons to compete this year. The way to beat the Bears is to run the ball, and the Panthers don’t have the running backs. Jay Cutler is getting crushed for the loss last week and he will respond.

Cleveland @ Tennessee 1:00 CBS
Titans -1.5 Over/Under 44.5
My prediction
Browns 20 Titans 19
Lean Under 44.5
What will happen
The Wagon coming off the bye will be ready for this Titans team that I jumped off the bandwagon last week. I expect Brian Hoyer to play well and the Browns defense will give the Titans fits.

St Louis @ Philadelphia 1:00 FOX
Eagles -7 Over/Under 47.5
My prediction
Eagles 28 Rams 14
Lean Under 47.5
What will happen
The Eagles get Lane Johnson back and will have 3 of the starters on the offensive line back. Shady should have a decent game against the Rams. The Rams employ the wide 9 which should allow the Eagles line to give Shady some lanes. It wont always be pretty but the Birds will escape in a sandwich spot with the Giants on deck.

Atlanta @ NY Giants 1:00 FOX
Giants -4 Over/Under 50.5
My prediction
Giants 30 Falcons 23
Lean Giants -4
What will happen
This line seems a little to high for me. There is no way I can pick the Falcons on the road especially with the state of the offensive line. Its a tough spot to pick the Giants with the blowout on national TV last Thursday. I sense a lot of over reaction but as mentioned above the Falcons are to bad on the road to pick.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans 1:00 FOX
Saints -10 Over/Under 48.5
My prediction
Saints 31 Bucs 19
Lean Saints -10
What will happen
Another bad road performance for the Saints in Dallas last week. Despite the terrible start, this division is bad enough they are still the favorites. They are so good in the dome and I expect the same this week. The Bucs had an emotional comeback win in Pittsburgh last week. They will not be able to sustain it this week as Brees and Payton get it going.

Houston @ Dallas 1:00 CBS
Cowboys -6 Over/Under 46.5
My prediction
Texans 27 Cowboys 24
Lean Texans +6
What will happen
My OUTRIGHT upset of the week. The Cowboys are giving way to many points first off. Next, they are coming off an impressive performance against the Saints on national TV. History shows the inconsistency of the Cowboys and I am going to stick with that.

Buffalo @ Detroit 1:00 CBS
Lions -7 Over/Under 44
My prediction
Lions 23 Bills 20
Lean Bills +7
What will happen
Its Kyle Orton time in Buffalo. They have given the hook to EJ Manuel and Orton takes over. I expect a more consistent offense with less turnovers. You can argue the turnovers have been the difference for the Bills this year. Calvin Johnson is a little banged up and I think the Bills keep it close.

Baltimore @ Indianapolis 1:00 CBS
Colts -3.5 Over/Under 48.5
My prediction
Colts 27 Ravens 20
Lean Colts -3.5
What will happen
The Colts and Andy Luck are very good at home in the dome. The Ravens are coming off a blow out win vs the Panthers in which Steve Smith SR got back at his old team. Andrew the Giant shows why he is one of the best in the league this week.

Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville 1:00 CBS
Steelers -6 Over/Under 47
My prediction
Steelers 22 Jags 19
Lean Jags +6
What will happen
One of these weeks the Jags are going to cover and this week the Steelers seem ripe for a backdoor!!! This will be an ugly unwatchable game.

Arizona @ Denver 4:05 FOX
Broncos -7 Over/Under 48.5
My prediction
Broncos 34 Cardinals 17
Lean Broncos -7
What will happen
The Cardinals love to blitz and the saying goes live by the blitz, die by the blitz. Peyton Manning is very good against the blitz. The Cards will die by the blitz this week as Manning goes to work.

Kansas City @ San Francisco 4:25 CBS
49ers -6 Over/Under 44.5
My prediction
49ers 28 Chiefs 16
Lean 49ers -6
What will happen
The Chiefs looked very good last Monday, but they are not that good. The 49ers defense is not going to let the Chiefs run the ball and Alex Smith is NOT beating them.

NY Jets @ San Diego 4:25 CBS
Chargers -6.5 Over/Under 43.5
My prediction
Chargers 24 Jets 20
Lean Jets +6.5
What will happen
The Jets typically play well against San Diego. They would have a chance to win if they had a real quarterback. The Chargers are to one dimensional right now and that plays right into Rex Ryan’s hands. The Chargers have Phil Rivers and Mike McCoy and that will be enough.

Cincinnati @ New England 8:30 NBC
Bengals -1 Over/Under 46
My prediction
Patriots 24 Bengals 23
Lean Pats +1
What will happen
I don’t think this Patriots team is very good. I think their offense is horrific. But I think Belicheck finds a way on Sunday night. Im not sure if Andy Dalton is ready to win a game like this despite looking better this year.


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