NFL Week 4 Recap

NFL Week 4 Recap
9-3 Straight Up Predictions 35-21 Predictions Year to Date
7-5 Leans 34-22 Leans Year to Date

Giants @ Redskins
Redskins -3.5 Over/Under 46
My prediction Giants 24 Redskins 20
Lean Giants +3.5
What really happened
Giants 45 Redskins 14

Dolphins vs Raiders (London)
Dolphins -4
What a treat the folks across the pond get. This will definitely make them want to become a NFL fan.
My prediction
Dolphins 28 Raiders 23
Lean Over 41
What really happened
Dolphins 38-14

This game cost another Raiders coach his job. The Raiders are now 53-127 since the Super Bowl appearance in 03……embarrassment to mankind everywhere

Packers @ Bears
Packers -1.5
My prediction
Packers 27 Bears 20
Lean Packers -1.5
What really happened
Packers 38 Bears 17
Aaron Rodgers told his faithful to R-E-L-A-X and he delivers
Jay Cutler cant beat the Packers

Bills @ Texans
Texans -3
My prediction
Texans 24 Bills 19
Lean Texans -3
What Really Happened
Texans 23 Bills 17
This game has cost EJ Manuel his job as the Bills will be going with Kyle Orton
Pump the breaks on JJ Watt for MVP. The guy is incredible but as Rodgers said R-E-L-A-X

Titans @ Colts
Colts -7.5
I am officially off the Titans and Bucs bandwagons but both are covering today.
My prediction
Colts 26 Titans 19
Lean Titans +7.5
What Really Happened
Colts 41 Titans 17
I was trampled jumping off the bandwagon with the other 5 people who were hanging on
Andrew Luck is really good at home

Panthers @ Ravens
Ravens -3
Steve Smith vs his former team.
My prediction
Ravens 24 Panthers 16
Lean Ravens -3
What Really Happened
Ravens 38 Panthers 10
Steve Smith said it was personal. He took it personal to the tune of 7 catches for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns
This Carolina team is who I thought they were. Cam Newton will continue to regress.

Lions @ Jets
Lions -1.5
Public back on the Lions wagon until a wheel falls off again today
My prediction
Jets 23 Lions 20
Lean Jets +1.5
What Really Happened
Lions 24 Jets 17
Start Vick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lions are still shaky on the road, but any win on the road is a good one

Bucs @ Steelers
Steelers -7.5
Bucs get embarrassed on national TV. Steelers impressive on national TV. Public overreaction game. Tough to be on Bucs side but have to do it. Another backdoor
My prediction
Steelers 23 Bucs 16
Lean Bucs +7.5
What Really Happened
Bucs 27 Steelers 24
Bucs backdoored their way to a win!! Fantastic throws by Mike Glennon on last drive.
Could Mike Tomlin’s seat be getting warm ?

Jags @ Chargers
Chargers -13
My prediction
Chargers 27 Jags 16
Lean Jags +13
What Really Happened
Chargers 33 Jags 14
One of these weeks the Jags are going to cover a double digit spread……………..
Superchargers, good win dealing with injuries especially on the o line

Eagles @ 49ers
49ers -5.5
Large task after last weeks game vs Redskins for Eagles to go west and beat a desperate physical team
My Prediction
49ers 34 Eagles 27
Lean 49ers -5.5
What Really Happened
49ers 26 Eagles 21
Eagles crushed by o line injuries. Foles getting blasted and Shady cant get going.
Good win for 9ers, but there seems to be some disconnect on this team. I don’t know if its Harbaugh or what. And Colin Kaepernick is overrated

Falcons @ Vikings
Falcons -3
Teddy Bridgewater era begins with an OUTRIGHT!!
My prediction
Vikings 23 Falcons 21
Lean Vikings +3
What Really Happened
Vikings 41 Falcons 28
Teddy Teddy Teddy!!! To bad you left on a cart, but thanks for the outright!!
Mike Smith says this team is “tough” but they’re anything but it away from the Georgia Dome

Saints @ Cowboys
Saints -3
I feel like I am on the wrong side of this already but I cant pick the Cowboys with that defense against Brees
My prediction
Saints 33 Cowboys 28
Lean Saints -3
What Really Happened
Cowboys 38 Saints 17
Cowboys offensive line looks really good. Still need to see more before the inconsistency tag is dropped. Nice job by defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli
The Saints are still the favorite in their division at 1-3 but they better fix this fast.


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