Football Friday NFL Preview

NFL Week 4 Preview
Last week straight up 8-7 26-18 on year
Last week ATS 7-8 27-17 on year

This was supposed to come out Friday but I was suspended for 1 day for calling out the commissioneer of our Fantasy Football League.

Only Scores and maybe a quick comment as I am still hung over from a wedding and creating scenes last night.

Dolphins vs Raiders (London)
Dolphins -4
What a treat the folks across the pond get. This will definitely make them want to become a NFL fan.
My prediction
Dolphins 28 Raiders 23
Lean Over 41

Packers @ Bears
Packers -1.5
My prediction
Packers 27 Bears 20
Lean Packers -1.5

Bills @ Texans
Texans -3
My prediction
Texans 24 Bills 19
Lean Texans -3

Titans @ Colts
Colts -7.5
I am officially off the Titans and Bucs bandwagons but both are covering today.
My prediction
Colts 26 Titans 19
Lean Titans +7.5

Panthers @ Ravens
Ravens -3
Steve Smith vs his former team.
My prediction
Ravens 24 Panthers 16
Lean Ravens -3

Lions @ Jets
Lions -1.5
Public back on the Lions wagon until a wheel falls off again today
My prediction
Jets 23 Lions 20
Lean Jets +1.5

Bucs @ Steelers
Steelers -7.5
Bucs get embarrassed on national TV. Steelers impressive on national TV. Public overreaction game. Tough to be on Bucs side but have to do it. Another backdoor
My prediction
Steelers 23 Bucs 16
Lean Bucs +7.5

Jags @ Chargers
Chargers -13
My prediction
Chargers 27 Jags 16
Lean Jags +13

Eagles @ 49ers
49ers -5.5
Large task after last weeks game vs Redskins for Eagles to go west and beat a desperate physical team
My Prediction
49ers 34 Eagles 27
Lean 49ers -5.5

Falcons @ Vikings
Falcons -3
Teddy Bridgewater era begins with an OUTRIGHT!!
My prediction
Vikings 23 Falcons 21
Lean Vikings +3

Saints @ Cowboys
Saints -3
I feel like I am on the wrong side of this already but I cant pick the Cowboys with that defense against Brees
My prediction
Saints 33 Cowboys 28
Lean Saints -3

Monday Night pick tomorrow in the recap


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