Odds And Ends From Week that Was

Odds and Ends:

ARGENT of the week- Aaron Rodgers
In recent times in which every story seems to be a negative one, Aaron Rodgers gets it. An emotional clip but well worth the watch.

Will never be an ARGENT- ESPN
This network has turned into a tabloid. They continue to march out clown after clown to make some asinine comments. They have a murderer who breaks down the games. And when Bill Simmons gives a true statement, he gets suspended for 3 weeks. Then again Ray Rice was suspended 2 weeks for knocking out his girl and Simmons was suspended for telling the truth and calling Roger Goodell a liar….makes sense

Devon Still Update



Reading for the weekend:
Chip Kelly article- well worth the read

Philadelphia Flyers
Pre season has started. Just over a week until regular season

Last Weekend Of Pennant Race Baseball or lack there of
Minnesota @ Detroit
Kansas City @ White Sox
St Louis @ Arizona
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
Yankees @ Red Sox Sunday- Derek Jeter’s last game
Congrats to the Royals who clinched their first playoff berth in 29 years

Barclay Premier League Recommendations
7:45 Saturday AM: Liverpool vs Everton – my favorite derby
12:30 Saturday: Arsenal vs Tottenham

Old School Photo of the Week


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