Odds And Ends From the Week That Was

The Week That Was:

ARGENT of the week: Steve Addazio
Hats off to Steve Addazio who gets it. In the past couple weeks, football has been a disgrace. Lost in this was an emotional moment in Boston College. BC honored Welles Crowther who was a lacrosse player at BC who sacrificed his life at the World Trade Center. Steve Addazio presented his parents with the game ball

Here is the emotional story ESPN did on Welles Crowther

Will never be an ARGENT: Jimbo Fisher
We shift gears among college coaches to the disgrace that is Jimbo Fisher. Jimbo Fisher had a chance to teach someone a lesson, a chance to maybe get through to this kid, a chance to help this kid. But Jimbo values winning more than this man’s well being. Jimbo’s quarterback, Jameis Winston, will be suspended for one half of the game on Saturday. Jameis Winston was suspended for screaming a profanity in the student union building at a woman. Yes the same Jameis Winston who raped a girl. The same Jameis Winston who was caught shoplifting crab legs. Since the incident, he has dropped in the NFL draft projections and team personnel have indicated they wouldnt touch this kid at all. Suspending this kid for one half does absolutely nothing…except let this kid know he can do whatever he wants. Jimbo Fisher had a chance to help this kid, maybe even get him back on track. Unfortunately, Jameis is going to end up bagging groceries at the supermarket he shoplifted at. Maybe then, Jimbo Fisher will realize its not just about winning when you’re dealing with college kids.

I hope you tuned in last weekend to the soccer match between Man City and Arsenal. What a match. 2 more for you this weekend while you prepare for a day of football especially Sundays match as they may be the 2 best teams in Premier League:
Saturday 10AM Aston Villa vs Arsenal
Sunday 10AM Man City vs Chelsea

No Golf this weekend as we prepare for next weeks Ryder Cup but if you need your fill, here is an excellent article on Anthony Kim:

MLB Pennant Race Baseball:

Milwaukee @ Pittsburgh – both teams chasing St Louis and battling for a wild card spot

Cincinnati @ St. Louis- Cardinals trying to hold off the Pirates and Brewers for the division

Dodgers @ Cubs- Dodgers hold 2.5 game lead over Giants for division

San Francisco @ San Diego- Giants chasing the Dodgers and holding a spot in the wild card

Detroit @ Kansas City – Royals enter the weekend series .5 game behind Detroit for the division lead. Both teams in play for wild card

Seattle @ Houston- Mariners 1 game behind for wild card spot

Philadelphia @ Oakland- A’s clinging to the last playoff spot entering weekend

Throwback Photo of the Week

Enjoy the Weekend All!!


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