NFL Week 2 Recap

NFL Week 2 Recap

8-6 straight up predictions. 17-11 on the year
9-5 against the spread in week 2. 19-9 for the year

Lions @ Panthers
My Prediction:
Panthers 23 Lions 19
Lean Panthers -3
What really happened:
Panthers 24-7
Cam Newton started for the Panthers in his season debut. He threw for a td and ran for a td. We called for the Panthers defense to be the difference, and they were. The Panther defense had 3 takeaways and 4 sacks. The Lions did have chances early but couldnt convert. This Lions team has the feeling of a team who will struggle on the road all year.

Dolphins @ Bills
My Prediction
Bills 20 Dolphins 17
Lean Bills +1
What really happened:
Bills 29-10
Miami was the public play and the pick after defeating the Pats in week 1. We went on the other side and were rewarded. The Bills rode the emotion of honoring Ralph Wilson, introducing new owner Terry Pegula who will keep the Bills in Buffalo, and Jim Kelly appearing at midfield. CJ Spiller returned a kickoff after the Dolphins kicked a fg to cut the Buffalo lead to 9-3 to break the game open. The Bills were also able to get Sammy Watkins involved finishing with 8 catches for 117 yards and a touchdown. The Dolphins were dealt a blow early when Knowshon Moreno was injured.

Jaguars @ Bravehearts
My prediction
Bravehearts 28 Jaguars 17
Lean Hearts -6
What really happened:
Hearts 41-10
The Hearts were dealt a big blow early on when the lost to RG3 to a dislocated ankle. Kirk Cousins came in and threw for 2 touchdowns and the defense sacked Chad Henne 10 times. The Jags gained 148 total yards, with 2 plays adding up to 117.

Cowboys @ Titans
My prediction
Titans 27 Cowboys 19
Lean Titans -3.5
What really happened:
Cowboys 26-10
This was a major overraction on my part and I have to do a better job. The Titans beat a bad Chiefs team and I overreacted. Demarco Murray ran wild against the Titans defense totaling 167 yards and adding a td. The Titans struggled to do anything against a bad Cowboy defense. I am still on the Titan train because of Whisenhunt and Horton but I need to pull the reigns back some. This was one of my worst calls of the weekend.

Cardinals @ Giants
My Prediction:
Giants 23 Cardinals 17
Lean Giants +2
What really happened:
Cardinals 25-14
The Cards had everything going against them. They played late Monday night, had to travel west to east for 100 game, and played with there backup qb. They were helped by a few plays that changed the game. Teddy Ginn returned a punt to give the Cardinals the go ahead score which changed the momentum. On the next drive, with the Giants driving Rashad Jennings fumbled on his own to seal the Giants fate. Those calling for Eli’s head after week 1 had to be disappointed as Eli played well. If not for the fumble and for Victor Cruz dropping anything that was near him, the Gmen may be 1-1. Cruz needs to stop worrying about dancing and catch the damn ball. I am very bitter over this loss, as the Giants were the right side.

Patriots @ Vikings
My Prediction:
Patriots 30 Vikings 14
Lean Pats -6
What really happened:
Pats 30-7
It may be time to turn it over to Teddy Bridgewater. It would serve as a distraction from Adrian Peterson and it would get Matt Cassel off the field. Cassel threw 4 picks and was horrendous.

Saints @ Browns
My prediction
Saints 34 Browns 21
Lean Saints -6.5
What really happened:
WAGON!!!! 26 – 24
Brian Hoyer led a game winning drive capped by a Billy Cundiff field goal. The Browns started on their own 4 and drove it down to the 13 to set up the chip shot and the win. I got to see most of this game and at one point in the 3rd Brian Hoyer was 9/21 and 67 yards and I thought we may see Manziel. Low and behold Rob Ryan’s defense delivered. The Saints are now 0-2.

Falcons @ Bengals
My Prediction
Bengals 27 Falcons 15
Lean Bengals -5
What Really Happened:
Bengals 24-10
This game was not as close as the score indicates. The Falcons turned the ball over 3 times and played just like we called them to. The public was all over the week 1 win but forgot to look at who their coach is. The Bengals did lose AJ Green to a toe injury but the rifle connected to Mohamed Sanu on a 76 yard td to extend the lead to 17-3 in the 3rd quarter. The Bengals had many opportunities prior but couldnt capitalize.

Rams @ Bucs
My prediction
Bucs 23 Rams 20
Lean over 37
What really happened:
Rams 19- 17
It may be time to throw the towel in on my Bucs prediction of competing for a playoff spot. This is the second straight week they lose to a backup qb at home. It doesnt get any easier as they travel to Atlanta for a Thursday night game. The Bucs were driving for the gw field goal late when Mike Evans caught a ball over the middle. He took a shot and was injured as the clock ticked under 10 seconds. He was attempting to get off the field when the refs blew it dead and had a 10 second run off ending the game as the Bucs had no timeouts left an injured player. I began to wonder if the ref had the Rams money line or the under blowing the play for an injury. Evans was not in any grave danger. Another bad loss. Also the game was delayed due to a storm. It was fantastic having a game start at 515 and having it lead right into the Sunday night game. NFL should do this every week. Please stagger more games for the degenerate losers like me who sit on the couch all day.

Seahawks @ Chargers
My prediction
Seahawks 24 Chargers 23
Lean Chargers +6
What really happened:
Chargers 30-21
We said the Chargers may win it outright and they did. A brilliant game plan by Mike McCoy. This guy has to be the most underrated coach and offensive mind in the game. He won with Kyle Orton, devised a plan for Tebow, revived Rivers. Antonio Gates looked like he was young again catching 3 touchdowns. The Chargers possessed the ball for over 42 minutes. The Seahawks head back home for a Super Bowl rematch with Denver.

Texans @ Raiders
My Prediction:
JJ Watt 4 Raiders 3
Lean Under 39.5
What really happened:
Texans 30-14
A late Raiders touchdown ruined the under. We called for JJ Watt to outscore the Raiders. He nearly did catching a touchdown pass early in the game. I have nothing to say about the Raiders. If you have a spot to bet the first coach fired, put money on Dennis Allen. This team is an embarrassment to professional sports.

Jets @ Packers
My Prediction
Packers 27 Jets 21
Lean Jets +8
What really happened:
Packers 31-24
The Jets jumped out to a 21-3 lead but couldnt hold onto it. They nearly had the tying touchdown late in the game that would have tied it at 31. However the play was blown dead because someone called timeout on the sidelines. It appeared to be Sheldon Richardson a defensive player. Sheldon Richardson took responsibility saying he saw offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg calling for one. Way to have control over there Rex. Rodgers threw for 3 tds and Jordy Nelson racked up 209 yards receiving. This was a must win for the Pack as the rest of the schedule is daunting.

Chiefs @ Broncos
My prediction
Broncos 30 Chiefs 20
Lean Chiefs +13
What really happened:
Broncos 24-17.
We thought the Broncos may be peaking ahead to the Seahawks and the Chiefs nearly caught them. The Chiefs opened the second half with a 10 minute drive that resulted in a missed fg. They also had a 90 yard drive to make it 21-17. The ended the game driving the length of the field to get it first and goal but were turned away trying to tie it. In the process, they lost Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry. Dont fear Chiefs fans, you have a great coach. Manning was efficient throwing 3tds and finishing 21/26 as they head into Seattle.

Bears @ 49ers
My Prediction
49ers 27 Bears 23
Lean Bears +6.5
What really happened:
Bears 28-20
Ill be honest, I went to bed at halftime. The Bears looked horrific. And the game had a flag on every other play- 26 flags total. NFL if youre going to put a game primetime, let the kids play. Dont have your refs going to see Dr James Andrews on Monday. Nonetheless, we said that every stat and trend went against the Bears and yet our gut told us the Bears. Always trust the gut as the Bears charged back from a 20-7 deficit scoring 3 tds in the 4th.

Notes from the week
The underdogs are now 20-12. 14 of those dogs have won straight up.
Many key injuries around the league.


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