Odds and Ends…

Odds and Ends from the week that was:

-ARGENT of the week: Sean Payton
The Cincinnati Bengals organization wouldve been the easy choice for their part in the Devon Still story. They recently indicated all proceeds from his jersey sales would go to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and PPediatric Cancer Research. With that being set forth by the Bengals, Sean Payton bought 100 jerseys. Class move.


-Will never be an ARGENT of the week: To easy to pick Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, Steve Biscotti
I will choose Ray Lewis. This is a guy who was involved in a double murder and all of a sudden now he is a preacher. He s on tv talking about Ray Rice and how he is there for him and all this nonsense. Get out of my face. Shame on the NFL (like that needs to be said) for letting you play in that league. shame on the Ravens (like that needs to be said) for letting you in their organization. Shame on ESPN (like that needs to be said) for marching him out there to speak his nonsense week after week. And shame on society (like that needs to be said) and those that respect this criminal


-Marathon Saturday for some including yours truly
Manchester City vs Arsenal- was so excited for this premier league game that I woke up at 730 last week for it. One week premature. But I will be up tomorrow at 730 for it.
My prediction: Arsenal 2 Man City 1

-Marcus Maidana vs Floyd Mayweather
Nothing would make me happier tomorrow if I see Maidana absolutely kill the head. And when I say kill the head I mean kill the head, I mean I want to see Floyd Mayweather stretchered out.
And I will bet my bottom dollar, my life savings, anything you want that I will go on Facebook, Twitter, Social Media and see the same people who were crucifying Ray Rice and the NFL praising this scumbag Mayweather. Anyone who reads this and thinks about doing it read this:
That is why I hope he ends up with his head killed.

-Baseball Division and Wild Card Races- games with implications
Red Sox @ Royals
Indians @ Tigers
Dodgers @ Giants (Sat Grienke vs Hudson) (Sun Kershaw vs Petit)
A’s @ Mariners (Saturday Sonny Gray vs Felix Hernandez)
Rays @ Jays
Cubs @ Pirates
Braves @ Rangers
Reds @ Brewers
Rockies @ Cardinals

-And I should mention for anyone still in to the Fed Ex Playoffs- The Tour Championship is this week. I am sure Tom Watson is wishing he could eliminate Hunter Mahan for Billy Horschel. At least I hope he is.

-Lastly, Happy Belated Birthday to one of the greatest men to ever live… Arnold Palmer

One of the greatest picture as far as I am concerned. Taken during a rain delay at Laurel Vally. The King and The Bear

Cheers to the Weekend all!!!!


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