I thought it would be appropriate to take a break from the nonsense in the sports world to remember 9-11. Below is a paper that I wrote in high school journalism class. (I added a sentence or two)

Like any other morning, the restaurant next to the World Trade Center opened and began serving breakfast. Unfinished food and half empty coffee cups stood on the table. However, images and sounds next door showed that this was unlike any other morning.

Those images showed scenes of tears, panic, confusion, and blood. Those images are what remain. Did the gentleman working at his computer tell his wife goodbye? Did the woman in her meeting have pictures of her husband and kids flashing through her head? Did the intern struggling to make it to the stairwell have hatred in his heart? Did all of these people wish to say I love you one last time?

Innocent people are gone. People who were loved will never be seen again. Words will remain unsaid.

For my generation this is the first time we have experienced anything like this. What I thought were big problems are now miniscule. The bad grade, the fight with the girlfriend, the frustration with parents; those are not problems.

I will soon go to my history class. In this history class, we have been taught about wars and scandals, situations that have rocked this country. But now, now my kids will read about this when they are sitting in history class.

My kids will come home and ask me about. I will be able to tell them exactly where I was and what my thoughts were. And I will tell them at that time I was naive. I thought I lived in a world and generation of affluence. I thought this place was an empire. I thought it was a time of peace. And I thought we were invincible.

I soon learned my innocence. I soon learned that mankind can be evil. All in a matter of minutes. This awoke emotions across America like something I have never seen.

What I thought were heroes were just athletes. I soon found that heroes were people who risked their lives. They were firefighters entering the World Trade Center. They were policemen running to the scene. They were paramedics helping people who made it out. They were civilians sacrificing their life for someone else. They are soldiers now fighting to defend us.

The emotions brought America together. Blood donors flooded the hospital. Supplies were sent to shelters. Vigils were held on every corner. And flags were flown with more pride than ever before.

I will then tell my children of another valuable lesson that day and the days thereafter. I learned how good man can be. I learned that evil cant conquer heroes. And I learned that terrorism stands no chance versus a country of one.

Thirteen years later that restaurant is serving breakfast. And despite the fact that we will never forget, I am certain that those are half full coffee cups sitting on the table.


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