NFL Week 1 Recap

NFL Recap from the week that was aka overreaction after 1 week:
Straight up results 9-5
ATS predictions 10-4

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks -5.5
Over/Under 46
I have both of these teams winning their respective divisions so we should be in for a good one. The last time these 2 teams met it was the Fail Mary. It will be interesting to see how the refs call the game tonight. It seems as if the preseason was an indication that they were going to call it tight on the defense vs receivers. The rule seems to attack exactly what the Seahawks like to do. The Seahawks have repeatedly said they are not going to change anything they do. They do not believe the refs will throw a flag every time. I do think a pass interference will set up 7-10 points for the Packers. Committing penalties is playing with fire vs Aaron Rodgers. On the opposite side of the ball, I think Marshawn Lynch will have a nice night without BJ Raji clogging things. Russell Wilson will spread it around and take care of the ball and make enough plays. The home team on opening Thursday night is very successful. I think tonight will be the same.
Seahawks 27
Packers 23
Lean Packers +5.5
Over 46
What really happened: Seattle 36-16
The Seahawks looked really good. When they play like they did on Thursday, there is not many other teams that can hang on the field with them. Darrell Bevell, offensive coordinator for the Seahawks, called a fantastic game. They picked apart a Packer defense who looked like the missed BJ Raji badly. The gameplan put together by Mike McCarthy was amateur like. Richard Sherman is a good corner in this league but to act like he is the next coming and not throw to his side of the field is crazy. Despite the blowout, Aaron Rodgers is fun to watch. Green Bay is now 0-6 in there last 6 vs San Fran or Seattle
We called for the over which hit

New Orleans @ Atlanta
Saints -3
over/under 51.5
This game prediction goes against everything I believe in. I believe that Sean Payton is a top 5 coach in the game. I believe that Drew Brees is a top 5 quarterback in this league. I believe the Saints offense will be explosive. And I believe Falcons coach Mike Smith is a loser. However there is one stat I have a hard time ignoring a stat I read: The Saints have struggled covering games away from home. This is a game in which the Falcons shouldnt win and they will and then lay an egg next week
Falcons 27 Saints 26
Lean Falcons +3
What really happened Falcons 37-34 in OT
As we called for the Falcons win a game, they have no business winning. Matt Ryan looked like he was playing against 11 ghosts. Matt Bryant connected on a field goal as time expired to send it to OT and the game winner in OT. The Falcons were given a gift as Robert Meachum fumbled in OT to set up the game winner. Drew Brees looked very good and Brandin Cooks in that offense will be scary.
We called for Falcons +3 for the W

Minnesota @ St. Louis
Rams -4
over/under 43.5
Many thought this Rams team was going to take a step forward but they were dealt a blow losing Sam Bradford in the preseason. I dont believe the drop off from Bradford to Shaun Hill is that drastic. Minnesota brought in new coach Mike Zimmer but the quarterback situation is still unsettled. I expect the Rams to stack the box and contain Adrian Peterson and take care of the Vikings in week 1.
Rams 23 Vikings 13
Lean Rams -4
What really happened: Vikings 34-6
The Rams were bad, real bad. We said the dropoff from Bradford to Hill wasnt that great, but the dropoff to the 3rd string is significant. Hill left the game in the second quarter. It didnt matter who was playing qb though. Peterson scratched out 75 yards on the ground but Corrdarelle Patterson ran for 102 on 3 carries including a 67 yard run. He is one of the most explosive players in the league.
We called for the Rams -4….lol

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
Steelers -6.5
over/under 41.5
The Steelers look to rebound after struggling in 2013. They enter this season healthy which was one of the main issues last season. The Browns are under a new coach again! They have elected to start Brian Hoyer to begin the year. Both defenses should control the game. I see Roethlisberger making a couple extra plays to get Pittsburgh off to a positive start
Steelers 23 Browns 19
Lean Wagon +6.5
What really happened Steelers 30-27
The Steelers jumped out to a 27-3 lead behind Big Ben who threw for 365 yards, Leveon Bell who had 197 total yards, and Antonio Brown 5 catches for 116 as well as a karate kick to the punters face. But the wagon fought back to tie it at 27. The wagon showed great resilience despite losing there starting running back and their biggest receiving threat Jordan Cameron to injury. We said Big Ben would make a couple extra plays and he did on the final drive to set up the game winner.
We leaned Wagon +6.5 and they delivered

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia
Eagles -10.5
over/under 52.5
The Eagles look to take another step forward in Chip Kelly’s 2nd year. They host the Jaguars who have chose Chad Henne to start the year over rookie Blake Bortles. I think Chip Kelly will be able to exploit the Jags linebackers with McCoy and Sproles. Kelly will make Henne and the young offense one dimensional and the Eagles should cruise in the opener
Eagles 30 Jaguars 10
Lean Eagles -10.5
What really happened: Eagles 34-17
It was a tale of 2 halves for the Eagle offense. The first half was not what the Eagle faithful looked forward to. IT was a dreadful start with 2 Foles fumbles and a Foles int in the end zone. The offense looked so out of sync. The second half was a total different story with the Birds scoring 34 unanswered. Despite the loss, the Jaguars look to be headed in the right direction and will surprise some teams this year especially if the offensive playmakers grow as the season goes on.
We called for the Birds -10.5 and came through with a late defensive td

Oakland @ New York Jets
Jets -5.5
over/under 39.5
The Raiders coming across to the east coast for a 100 game with a rookie quarterback is not the ideal matchup in week 1 but I dont think there are many favorable matchups for the Raiders. Geno Smith’s ineffectiveness will let the Raiders hang around but the Jets defense will keep the Raiders under wraps. Ill take Rex Ryan vs the rookie qb in a slopfest
Jets 19 Raiders 15
Lean under 39.5
What really happened Jets 19-14
We almost hit the score on our prediction. We called for a slopfest and thats what we got. We called for the Jets D to contain the rookie qb- we got it. And we called for Geno Smith to suck and we got it. Start the Mike Vick countdown clock.
We leaned under and it hit

Cincinnati @ Baltimore
Ravens -1.5
over/under 43
A week 1 battle in the AFC North. The Ravens will be without scumbag Ray Rice so Bernard Pierce will be carrying thee load at running back. Andy Dalton has struggled in Ravens stadium in the past. It pains me to say that I dont see this game being much different. John Harbaugh is 12-1 in games where he has more than 10 days to prepare.
Ravens 24 Bengals 20
Lean Ravens -1.5
What really happened: Bengals 23-16
The Ravens battled back from a 15-3 deficit to take a 16-15 lead. However, the Red Rifle hit AJ Green for a huge play late in the game to complete the comeback. The Bengals defense looked good despite surrendering the lead in the 4th. The Ravens will have an interesting season as Im sure everyone is aware what transpired by now
We called for Ravens -1.5 and failed

Buffalo @ Chicago
Bears -7
over/under 47
On paper this seems like a Bears cakewalk. Matt Forte and the playmakers on the outside should have a good day for the Bears. I think EJ Manuel will play well despite his up and down pre season. I am calling for the first backdoor of the season
Bears 30 Bills 24
Lean Bills +7
What really happened: Bills 23-20 OT
In a game that probably knocked a ton of people out of the suicide pool, the Bills battled to a victory in Soldier field. Jay Cutler was intercepted twice and made many other questionable plays. The Bears defense struggled to get pressure on EJ Manuel all day and Manuel made plays when he had to. Matt Forte was very solid despite the loss.
We called for a backdoor Bills +7. It wasnt a backdoor but its a winner

Redskins @ Texans
Texans -3
over/under 45
A matchup of 2 head coaches in there first game. A very interesting matchup with the Redskins offense against the Texans defense and the upgraded defensive line adding Jadaveon Clowney. I think the Texans line will cause havoc and give Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Texans short fields. Bill OBrien gets a win in his first game
Texans 27 Redskins 20
Lean Texans -3
What really happened: Texans 17-6
The Texans d line did cause havoc but it was because of one man- JJ Watt. Jadeveon Clowney left the game due to an injury. The Texans offense wasnt anything great but Fitzpatrick threw for 1 td and the special teams had a blocked punt for a TD. This gave Bill OBrien his first career head coaching win. RG3 fumbled twice in the second half and for whatever reason did not throw the ball down the field.
We leaned Texans -3 which came through

Titans @ Chiefs
Chiefs -3.5
over/under 43.5
Ken Whisenhunt takes over the Titans with Ray Horton getting control of the Titan defense. I think those are 2 great hires and will have the Titans competing for a Wild Card. They face the Chiefs at Arrowhead to open the season. The Chiefs caught a lot of breaks last year and were a +19 in the turnover department. Lack of wide receivers and a lesser oline will have the Chiefs in for a long year. Dont forget though Andy Reid knows more than you
Titans 27 Chiefs 13
Lean Titans +3.5
What really happened: Titans 26-10
As we said in the preview Andy Reid is smarter than you. He doesnt need wide receivers and he apparently can win without Jamaal Charles. Charles touched the ball 11 times and only carried it 7. This will be the first of many losses for the smartest coach in the NFL. On the other hand, the Titans installing new offenses and defenses were smooth. Locker was solid and the defense caused 3 turnovers.
We called for the Titans +3.5 and an outright and got them both

Patriots @ Dolphins
Patriots -5
over/under 47
A revamped defense and a healthy Gronkowski has the hoodie feeling good about the Pats. The Dolphins have to be happy last season is over. The Patriots will take care of business in South Beach.
Patriots 27 Dolphins 16
Lean Pats -5
What really happened: Dolphins 33-20
It was a tale of 2 halves in Miami. New England took a 10 point lead into half. They didnt score a point in the second. The Phins defense overwhelmed Brady as he struggled to a 6-20 second half. The Phins outgained the Pats 222-67 in the final two frames.
We leaned Pats -5 and that was a loser

Panthers @ Buccaneers
Bucs -2
over/under 39.5
The mighty Bucs open the Lovie Smith era. This pits a matchup of two teams I believe are headed in opposite directions. The Bucs give Lovie Smith the W and Cam Newton will begin begging for wide receivers
Bucs 28 Panthers 13
Lean Bucs -2
What really happened Panthers 20-14
No Cam Newton seemed like an easy victory. An ultra conservative game plan and a stout Panther defense proved that wrong. Derek Anderson started in place of Newton and made the best of his opportunity. Lovie Smith chose free agent acquisition Josh McCown to start and he sucked. He was picked twice and is not a starter. I was high on the Bucs but if Lovie Smith is going to continue to run out this rag arm- they will be picking in the top ten of the 2015 draft.
Leaned Bucs -2 lost thanks to Lovie Smith and McCown

49ers @ Cowboys
49ers -4.5
over/under 51.5
The 49ers have to be itching to start the season and putting this offseason behind them. The suspensions and injuries have added up. The Cowboys are the perfect recipe. The Cowboys defense minus Scandrick, minus Sean Lee, and losing Demarcus Ware will be atrocious
49ers 34 Cowboys 16
Lean 49ers -4.5
What really happened: 49ers 28-17
The score was never as close as it looks. The 49ers fans took over this stadium and watched the 49ers dominate the nonsense that the cockroach Cowboy fans will have to suffer with all year. The Cowboys looked like the worst team in the league. Also, its an absolute disgrace that Jim Harbaugh allowed wife beater Ray McDonald to play.
We called for 49ers -4.5 and this was easy

Colts @ Broncos
Broncos -7.5
over/under 55.5
The Broncos get to show off there new additions in prime time vs Andrew the Giant. It will be interesting to watch Peyton Manning without his safety valve Wes Welker. Primetime and Mile High is the difference in this one for the Broncos
Broncos 31 Colts 27
Lean Colts +7.5
What really happened: Broncos 31-24
The Broncos jumped out to a big lead behind 3 td passes from Peyton Manning. Andrew the Giant led the Colts back and had a final drive to tie the game but unable to complete the comeback. To add insult to victory the Colts learned pass rush specialist Robert Mathis who had 19.5 sacks last year will be out for the year after tearing his achilles while servig a 4 game suspension
We leaned Colts +7.5 and the comeback secured our prediciton


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