AFC West Preview

AFC West Preview in order of finish

San Diego Chargers (win total 8.5)
One of the best and certainly most underrated coaches in the league resides in San Diego. Mike McCoy revived Phil Rivers last year and almost went into Denver in the playoffs and won. The Chargers had some bad breaks along the way last year and finished at 9-7. I think this team is primed to make a run this year. Despite traveling to Arizona for the opener and hosting Seattle in week 2, the Chargers have a favorable schedule in which they will ride to an 11 win season.

Denver Broncos (win total 11.5)
Your typical great regular season from Peyton Manning, your typical come up short when it counts…ho hum. They have upgraded the defense bringing in Aqib Talib, TJ Ward, and Demarcus Ware. They will be without Wes Welker for the early part of the year but still have enough weapons on that side of the ball to not skip a beat. With the upgraded defense, it will be interesting to see what excuse the Manning apologists use this year

Enjoy one of the few pics of Wes Welker not concussed

Kansas City Chiefs (win total 8.5)
I cant wait for this. This team is in for a disastrous year. Again Andy Reid is smarter than you and I and apparently doesnt need wide receivers. This is not the first time he has tried this act. They just rewarded game manager Alex Smith with a contract, unfortunately he cant also catch his 3 yard check downs. I will be interested to see if the media is still praising Big Red for his genious after 2014.

Oakland Raiders (win total 4.5)
Move to San Antonio and hire RC Buford and Greg Popovich


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