AFC East Preview

AFC East preview in order of finish

New England Patriots (win total 10.5)
This has the chance to be the best Patriots team since the quest for perfection. The Pats have upgraded the defense with Darrelle Revis and have a healthy Jerrod Mayo and Vince Wilfork. Not to mention they still have the hood and Tom Brady. An easy schedule should allow the Pats to make sure teams come to Foxboro in January. The Pats should go over that win total.

Miami Dolphins (win total 7.5)
After dealing with a tumultuous year in 2013 centered around school girl Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins will look to get back on track. They have upgraded the offensive line with the addition of Branden Albert which should help Ryan Tannehill stay upright this year. The Dolphins need to get more out of the linebacker position. If things break right the Dolphins can be in the hunt for a wild card.

Either way, Tannehill is still going home to a smokeshow

New York Jets (win total 7)
Could this be Rex Ryan’s last stand. They went out and signed Chris Johnson and Eric Decker to surround Geno Smith. They also brought in Mike Vick who inevitably will be playing for the ineffective Geno Smith. The defense, especially the front 7, should keep them in most games. However a terrible Geno Smith and an injury prone Mike Vick are not what I would want my job riding on.
Rex was way cooler when he was fat and a bully

Buffalo Bills (win total 6.5)
The defense should be good. The season will all ride on the shoulders of EJ Manuel. They gave up a lot to get Sammy Watkins to help Manuel’s growth. The Bills will be better but are still probably a year or 2 away.


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