NFL Opening Night

Opening night of the NFL and I could not be more excited.

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks -5.5
Over/Under 46

I have both of these teams winning their respective divisions so we should be in for a good one. The last time these 2 teams met it was the Fail Mary. It will be interesting to see how the refs call the game tonight. It seems as if the preseason was an indication that they were going to call it tight on the defense vs receivers. The rule seems to attack exactly what the Seahawks like to do. The Seahawks have repeatedly said they are not going to change anything they do. They do not believe the refs will throw a flag every time. I do think a pass interference will set up 7-10 points for the Packers. Committing penalties is playing with fire vs Aaron Rodgers. On the opposite side of the ball, I think Marshawn Lynch will have a nice night without BJ Raji clogging things. Russell Wilson will spread it around and take care of the ball and make enough plays. The home team on opening Thursday night is very successful. I think tonight will be the same.

Seahawks 27
Packers 23
Lean Packers +5.5
Over 46


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