NFC North Preview/Prediction

NFC North Preview/Prediction (in order of finish)

Green Bay Packers (win total 10.5)
It is tough to not pick this team with arguably the best quarterback in the league under center. He has some help behind him to hand the ball off to with Eddie Lacy. I think the defense will still hold them back some especially with the loss of BJ Raji. And the other thing going against them is the man walking the sidelines Mike McCarthy. However, Aaron Rodgers is to good and the Packers will do just enough to win this division. Another good total set by Vegas I see this as a 10 win team.

Chicago Bears (win total 8.5)
I really wanted to pick this team to win the division. I really like the offensive weapons and the offensive line should be better. I believe they have one of the best offensive minds in the league with Marc Trestman. I have not seen enough from the defense to allow me to push my chips to the middle of the table on the Bears. And there is the elephant in the room in Jay Cutler. It always seems to be one thing or another with him. I think the Bears can win this division and I like them over the 8.5 win total but I dont think the skilled positions and Marc Trestman can overcome the defense and Jay Cutler to win the division.

At least Cutler still has this going for him:

Detroit Lions (win total 8.5)
This seems like the same Lions team as the past 3 years; an explosive offense, an injury/turnover prone Matt Stafford, a good but undisciplined defensive line, and an invisible secondary. The one positive they have going for them is they rid themselves of Jim Schwarz who couldnt coach a pee wee team. The Lions will continue to win games you dont expect them to and lose games you dont expect them to. That is a recipe for 8-8 season.

Minnesota Vikings (win total 6.5)
Every year I wonder if this is the year Adrian Peterson finally hits the wall. The guy runs so hard and takes a beating week after week that it eventually has to catch up with him. I think this team will be a little better than most think. I think Mike Zimmer is a good hire. However, the quarterback situation is atrocious. This is to tough of a division. They will be right around the win total.


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