Football Recap

My way to early means nothing in grand scheme of things top 10 after week 1
1.) Florida State
2.) Auburn
3.) Texas A&M
4.) Alabama
5.) LSU
6.) Georgia
7.) Oklahoma
8.) Oregon
9.) Michigan St
10.) Stanford

Things I watched recap:
PSU 26 Central Florida 24
My prediction PSU 23-16 with a lean towards under 45.5
Wrong on the under pick, thanks to a couple of long passing plays in the second half. Looked good at half with the 10-3 score.
-Christian Hackenberg is unreal. He is must watch. He will still make some bad mistakes as he did Saturday but this kid is the real deal
-PSU has an aggressive defense and will be fun to watch if they can stay helathy.
-PSU did not miss Allen Robinson against a very good secondary
-UCF may have found there qb iin Justin Holman. Had he played the whole game UCF probably would have won
-UCF has a fantastic secondary

Ohio State 34- Navy 17
My prediction Ohio State 34-13. Lean towards OSU -16.5
I was right in saying that the Buckeye offense would take a couple possessions to get going. I didnt think it would take until the second half to do so. They better tighten it up with the Hokies coming to town in a must win for the Big Ten as a conference

UCLA 28 Virginia 20
My prediction UCLA 48-10. Lean UCLA -21
In a game I thought the UCLA offense would come out and be dynamic, they struggled throughout. The defense scored 3 tds and outscored the offense. I overlooked the 9am start time for the Bruins. They get a layup with Memphis this week as Texas looms in game 3

Alabama 33 West Virginia 23
My prediction 45-9. Lean Bama -19
Alabama struggled and would have been in more danger if West Virginia receivers made some catches. An observation I took away is this is another game in which Alabama has struggled with an up tempo nimble offense. Alabama will dominate smash mouth football games but it lost to Auburn and Oklahoma last year and struggled with West Virginia

Georgia 45 Clemson 21
My prediction 27-23 Dawgs with a lean on Clemson +7.5
In what was a 21-21 game at halftime the Tigers had no answer for Todd Gurley. The guy is an animal. 293 all purpose yards in one of the best individual performances of the weekend

USC 52 Fresno State 13
My predicition 27-16 Trojans with a lean on Fresno St +21.5
This was an impressive USC performance. Cody Kessler was in rhythm and the new look offense rolled. USC ran 64 plays in the first half which was more than they had in 5 games last year and ended with 105 plays on the game. Opposing styles as they face smash mouth Stanford Saturday.

FSU 37 Oklahoma St 31
My prediction FSU 44-17 with a lean on FSU -19.
I did not get to see any of this game so cant comment to much on it. OK State moved the ball better than I thought they would. Unfortunately, FSU wont be tested again until mid October.

LSU 28 Wisconsin 24
My prediction LSU 24-20 with a lean on Wisconsin +5
This game went as I thought it would. I did not think LSU would fall behind 24-7 though. The Mad Hatter always finds a way to win and this was no different. This is a damaging loss to Wisconsin playoff hopes and another bad loss to Big 10 perception.

I was bad in my Vegas leans going 2-6 and 8-0 in predicting outright winners. Outright winners do nobody good though. Coaches always say that the biggest step forward is between Week 1 and Week 2. All I can say is something I learned from the fat guy “I take full responsibility and I have to do a better job.”


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