Monday One Hitters

One Hitters from the week and weekend that was:

Hats off to TJ Oshie and his statement when interviewed: When asked about being a hero to Americans TJ Oshie responded “The American heroes are wearing camo. That’s not me”. Refreshing to see an athlete who gets it

If I have to see one more national media or local media tweet about the Phillies signing AJ Burnett and his contract break down, I am going to have a break down. It was a nice signing. He will go 14-11 and look like Cy Young 3-5 times this year and he will look like a little leaguer 3-5 times.

Stay classy Ray Rice. Apparently you couldn’t handle all the action in Atlantic City. You scored a knockout over your girlfriend, more production than the Ravens saw from you this year.

Classy reaction from Missouri with the standing ovation for Michael Sam.

Can we please stop asking if Kevin Durant is better than Lebron James. Kevin Durant is having an off the charts year. He is probably having a better year than Lebron this year but win a title and then we can have a discussion.

The NBA All Star game was a complete joke as are the rest of the All Star games.

Anyone who has the itch to fill out a bracket and cant wait for March Madness.. A recent tweet from the fine folks at
We’ve opened up our golfmanna brackets league — compete against us for free, search for ‘golfmanna brackets’

Need a preview to fill out your bracket:

And lastly I leave you with this awesome story:


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