Julius THE DOCTOR Erving

NBA TV had done a documentary on Dr. J that aired last summer. I was unable to watch it at the time and it escaped my mind. While listening to the local sports radio, they were talking about the NBA in the 80s and 90s. This documentary had come up and it refreshed my mind that I needed to see it. Luckily, youtube (link below) happens to have it. I was able to make some time this morning to watch it.

My takeaways:
– As a pretty avid NBA and 76er fan, there was so much about Doc I did not know

– I never knew how great he was

– Completely transcended the game of basketball

– The class Doc conducted himself with his whole life is second to none. And that is not only shown through his actions but told by his peers

– So many chances to win championships and only came away with one.

– Not shocking the general manager at the time, couldn’t surround you with a better compliment until Moses Malone. Not unlike the way it was when Allen Iverson was here

– Doc may have saved the NBA when the ABA joined together. He was the face until Larry and Magic came along

– The footage and clips for the documentary were fantastic. Also great interviews from players, front office, and sports media.

– I can’t recall a player since I have started watching the NBA get a farewell tour like Doc did. Granted Jordan kept coming back and Magic retired quickly. And I could be mistaken maybe there was someone but I can’t recall one.

– Tremendous hardships and heart break Doc endured

– Mike Piazza looks like hell

It was a phenomenal documentary and completely worth the watch. After watching, it is incredible the little amount of press and accolades Doc receives. Doc may be the most under rated player of all time.


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