In A Dark Place…

The weather is terrible. Football season has officially come to an end. Baseball season is still weeks away. Hockey is about to go on hiatus for the Olympic Break. Where does that leave me for professional sports the next couple weeks? You guessed it if you said in a dark cave. I feel like I am in a secluded cabin in Russia- the same one Rocky Balboa lived and trained in Rocky IV.

I mentioned in a previous post about the state of the Sixers. The state of the Sixers is really sad right now. I have to sit here and root against my team, if I want them to be relevant anytime soon. Yes you read that correctly, root against my team. I am sitting here rooting against a team that on most nights leaves it all on the court. A team with some likable pieces and a really likable coach. This is one of the ridiculous things a franchise must do in the NBA in order to get good.

The Sixers have been in purgatory for 13 years, thanks in part to circus moves by Billy King. They may still be paying Matt Geiger, Derrick Coleman, Keith Van Horn, and Glenn Robinson. They finally have brought in a competent general manager who has them headed in the right direction but one of the hurdles to get past is losing this year. They have done a pretty good job of it, problem is there is 5-7 other teams trying to do the same. Sam Hinkie if you read this, please trade Evan Turner ASAP.

To reiterate this, in a professional league a team must lose (in some cases go out of there way to lose) in order to get the most ping pong balls to roll the die on a guy to be a franchise player. That sounds completely Mickey Mouse. When I read that again and think about what steps a bad franchise has to go through to try and get good again, I can’t do anything but laugh. Good riddance David Stern, I hope Adam Silver has something up his sleeve to correct this.

I have laid out the guy I have targeted in a previous post- Andrew Wiggins. I will have some upcoming posts on how the Sixers have arrived at this point. I will also have a proposal to fix the Mickey Mouse system. But for now, I will go back in my cave and root for my team for 3 quarters. March, please come soon!!!


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